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Action Plan - Aktionsplan

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An action plan is an outlining schedule. It is used for smaller projects (up to 25 actions) or for many small items ("to do list") not scheduled in the project plan.

The actions are shown in a chart.

You can extend the chart to control the status of the actions.


Create a chart that shows your plans.
do: fill in for each new action
  • Key/#: Choose a key to identify the action and/or to put it into a category.
  • To be done: What needs to be done?
  • Date scheduled: When does the action needs to be done?
  • Person responsible: Who will do the action / is responsible?
  • How to do:
    How will the task be done?
    What resources are needed?
    Are there special circumstances or needs?
  • Date created:(optinal)
  • Status: new

until: no more new actions

Check all actions which status is NOT "finished". Record all unexpected events in Comment/History and change the Status if necessary. If status is set to "finished" set also Date finished.
Check all actions which status is NOT "finished". Record all unexpected events and change the status if necessary.
Check the quantity of all actions which status is NOT "finished". If the quantity increases you could have a problem in your project (no sufficient resources, blue eyed schedule).


Preparing the FQB meeting (extract).



MS Excel.

MS Access.


EXCEL Form: Action Items


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